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Faq - Frequently Asked Questions

Basic / Setup

What is HomeCourse®?

HomeCourse® is a retractable golf screen and enclosure. HomeCourse®'s ballistic grade screen can handle the impact of a live golf ball, and provides netting over head and to the sides to contain errant shots, so you feel confident about the safety of your surroundings. The screen is projectable, so it can be used with or without a simulator and projector.

How much space do I need to install HomeCourse®?

You need a minimum width of 10ft. 6in. to fit HomeCourse® with its Pro-Arms fully extended. It is recommended to mount the screen 18 inches from a wall to provide space for impact absorption. Beyond that, you just need room to swing a club freely–front, back and above. Typically, an area with 10ft. 6in. (W) x 12 ft (D) x 8ft. (H). is sufficient, but everybody is different, and so are their swings, so you must test your space before installing HomeCourse®. The unit must be installed no more than 8 feet from the ground, so the bottom of the screen touches the ground. It can be mounted lower, as well, which provides some extra slack at the bottom and is okay.

What is a good place to set up my HomeCourse®?

Anywhere you have the space for it. Recommended examples include: Game rooms or media rooms where you want to create a golf simulator environment without dedicating a room permanently; Garages allow for a great simulator environment, and after the HomeCourse® rolls up, a car fits perfectly under it; Offices make a great practice environment so you can work on your game without having to leave and break up your work day.

Can I install HomeCourse® myself?

If you have experience drilling walls, locating studs and mounting hardware, HomeCourse® can be installed yourself. It is recommended to have somebody help with two ladders, as it makes it easier to hoist the unit without special equipment.

What does HomeCourse® include?

HomeCourse® includes the ProScreen, remote control, charger, easy reach arm for Pro-Arms, and a Ceiling Mount Kit.

What else might I need to maximize my HomeCourse® experience?

If you need to mount to a wall, you will need to purchase the HomeCourse® Wall Mount Kit. After the ball makes impact with the screen, you will want it to land on a soft surface, so we recommend using artificial grass or another soft material. Additionally, third-party hitting mats, simulators and launch monitors, projectors, computers, and software can maximize your custom HomeCourse® experience.

Does HomeCourse® include a hitting mat?

No, there are many third-party hitting mats available depending on your needs, and some launch monitors which include a hitting surface.

What mounting options are available for HomeCourse®?

HomeCourse® includes a Ceiling Mount Kit and there is an optional Wall Mount Kit available.

Can I install HomeCourse® outdoors?

HomeCourse® is designed to be installed indoors, and should never be put in contact with water.


Is HomeCourse® a simulator?

No, HomeCourse® is a projectable screen and enclosure that can work with a launch monitor and simulator software. It makes the possibility of having a golf simulator in your home easy and affordable.

What simulators work with HomeCourse®?

Any projected image works on HomeCourse®, so any simulator that can be connected to a projector will work well.

What kind of Projector should I use with HomeCourse®?

Various options are available depending on your space. Short-Throw projectors work easily as they only need a few feet to produce a large image. If you have a larger room, or don’t mind a smaller picture, standard or hd projectors work.

Can I hit a real golf ball into HomeCourse®?


Can I take full swings at HomeCourse®?

Yes, just make sure you have space to clear your club.

Are there any shots I should avoid when using HomeCourse®?

Get a feeling for your surroundings. Try to hit well within the boundaries of the screen, and avoid unusually high shot, like flop shots, or low shots when using HomeCourse®.

Are there any safety precautions I should consider before using HomeCourse®?

Though HomeCourse® is designed to maximize safety, you are still playing golf indoors. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and understand that unforeseen accidents can occur. 


I’m interested in becoming a HomeCourse® partner or reseller, who can I contact?

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